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St. Andrew’s, Buckland Monachorum is delighted to welcome enquiries about the possibility of being married in the church.

In the past there was a clear requirement that either the bride or groom had a family home within the ecclesiastical parish, or that one party belonged to the church electoral roll. Now the criteria have widened so that if there is a connection with the area that stretches back two generations, or if you have had a personal association with the parish through schooling or employment it is now legitimate to make a marriage enquiry.


The marriage service is a very beautiful and profound one. Some of the most moving words within it are these ones:

‘All that I am I give to you, and all that I have I share with you.’

The service does not require you to be a convinced follower of Jesus Christ, although the wording of the service, – the vows, commitments, music and readings, – are given added weight and meaning by virtue of their clear Christian context and understanding. Marriage is known as a creation ordinance, in that marriage and family life is God’s design for the whole of humanity from the very beginning of time. The service is presided over by a Christian leader, although the heart of its significance lies in the fact that the two being married take on responsibility for their own lives by declaring solemn vows, – before family and friends, and most importantly in the presence of the living God.

Dedication and Prayer after Civil Marriage

If a previous marriage has taken place and there is a desire to place a new relationship within the forgiveness and grace of God in Jesus Christ, there is a special opportunity to do this within this particular liturgy. There is great integrity within this service which also includes prayers of repentance and confession. Features of the marriage service are included: hymns and worship songs, the exchange of vows and promises, passages of Scripture and prayers. There is an address. It is marked by truth and grace, joy and solemnity.


An enquiry will be followed up by a meeting with our Vicar, Rev. Andy Bowden.

Following this there will be several opportunities to meet with the Vicar or with others who are engaged in marriage preparation. There is freedom as regards hymns, readings and prayers, and invitations may be extended to friends or other Christian leaders who you may wish to participate on the day.

More Information

The Church of England has a dedicated website with lots of information and ideas for your wedding –

Enquiry Contact

If you wish to make further enquiry please contact the Vicar on our contact page.


Audrey Mills is the church organist. Audrey is both brilliant and versatile and will spend time looking with you at different pieces of music to fit in with your wishes. Audrey’s phone number: 01822 853979.


The church is always beautifully decorated for weddings. The flower ladies can be invited to prepare the church at a fraction of professional costs. The flower team is administered by Debbie Morris who may be contacted on 01822 859081 or

Church fees

These vary from year to year. Details of the current fees and options may be found below – please click the link.

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