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Milton Combe

Milton Combe derives its name from a narrow steep sided valley in this case it also has a water course running through it which eventually reaches the River Tavy near to Lopwell. The houses of the village largely lie to the steeper sides of the valley; those houses and their terraced gardens seem to cling to the hills on either side. They are served by roads which wind through the village. most of these roads pass through the hub of the village the local public House ‘The Who’d Have Thought it’

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River Tavy view towards Tamar.jpg

The area between here and the Tavy is extremely popular with hikers and walkers as many trails begin near the square by the Inn or nearby.


The Hamlet of Milton Combe is in the Civil Parish of Buckland Monachorum and also in the Diocese of Exeter Parish of Buckland for which St Andrews Buckland Monachorum and The Church of The Holy Spirit are served by the same ministry Team.

The Church of The Holy Spirit lies a short way from the village centre and close to the church the area breaks out into the first area of flat land where the recreation ground will be found and close to this the Village Hall itself.


The Church at Milton Combe was built in 1878, and is an extension of Christian ministry from the parent church at Buckland Monachorum. It is designated the Church of the Holy Spirit. 


The church interior consists of a covered large entry porch leading to the Nave at the Eastern End is a small Chancel. It is furnished in what is best described as restrained Victorian style and contains little Gothic ornamentation associated with this period of architecture. This adds to the quiet pleasant and calm interior and parishioners have found this a good contemplative retreat as the church is kept unlocked within daylight hours.

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