Women Praying and Reading God's Word Together

Hey ladies of the churches of Milton Combe and Buckland Monachorum!

You are all warmly invited to gather together for an evening of fellowship,

time in the Word, and in prayer. We meet every three months, so keep coming back here for links, uploads and to see when and where we will next meet!

- Bethany B.

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Spiritual Breathing

by Dane C. Ortlund 

Both Scripture and prayer are absolutely vital in terms of how God changes us, and you can’t have one without the other. One way to think of them is that as you read Scripture, ... you’re taking in oxygen into your spiritual lungs, so to speak. It’s filling you up and it’s helping you to be healthy. You take it in, but at the top of your breath (once you’ve inhaled) you then exhale. And, that’s really what prayer is.


I like to think of Scripture and prayer as inhaling and exhaling because that shows the two necessarily go together. Some people might think they really need to be disciplined in their study of Scripture, but they neglect prayer. Or, others really want a strong prayer life, but they’re praying all kinds of things that are all over the place content-wise and aren’t shaped by Scripture.


But, the way Scripture becomes real is by praying it. The way prayer becomes effectual and meaningful is by being biblically shaped and informed. So, the two really need to be kept together—Scripture and prayer as the one-two tandem in healthy Christian living, which is really spiritually breathing.

(Full article found here)

The Word
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We are called to be disciples which, literally translated, means "learners" of the Word. This takes diligence and discipline. Learning takes effort and time.

But let's challenge one another to make spending time in our heavenly Father's Word our ultimate priority! 

Click the link below for some helpful Bible Reading resources and apps, or just choose a book of the Bible and take your time reading it from beginning to end. It is never wasted time. Pray for wisdom and understanding as you read, and faithfully "deposit it" into the best 'savings account' you could ever invest in! 

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Let's not give up praying for each other!

I've attached the link below to the 20 Prayers For One Another

"The Church in the Village"

Have a listen to a playlist created for our church!

For a time of sung worship or reflection (or simply while washing the dishes!) do check out our church's Spotify playlist "The Church in the Village" featuring some old favourites and introducing some new ones!